How to Make Sea Glass Jewelry (Easy Steps)

How to Make Sea Glass Jewelry
How to Make Sea Glass Jewelry

Sea glass jewelry is among the most outstanding pieces of jewelry that can be made manually, suit any fashion sense, and offer a unique appearance.



With just a few collections of sea glasses, you can make lovely and adorable sea glass jewelry by following our guide below.

Your sea glass can make unique jewelry like earrings, necklace bracelets, beads, and others, perfect for any occasion.

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What Is Sea Glass?

In a more straightforward explanation, sea glass is obtained or produced through artificial bottles and glasses that are disposed into the ocean, and after years can be picked up as sea glass which can be transformed into various usable stuff, including jewelry.

Where Do I Find Sea Glass?

As the name implies, one can find sea glass close to beaches. Just walk along the shore and beach comb when the wave is rougher, and you will or may find sea glass among the pebbles.

How to Make Sea Glass Jewelry


1. Gum / Super-Glue (ask for the right one)
2. Work flat plate
3. Gum mixer
4. Workspace or Work Bench
5. Other attaching materials like rope or metal steel


1. Hunt for Sea Glass

The first step to making sea glass jewelry is to hunt or look for it, which I said earlier can be found around the beach side.

2. Washing/Drying

Properly wash the glasses in warm water with detergent to remove certain impurities attached to them, which might alter your craft’s work or appearance after it is done. After washing, expose it to sunshine for proper drying, also known as atmospheric drying.

3. Organize Your Sea Glass

After you have collected the various sea glasses, you organize them or sort them according to usage, shape, size, or color because sea glasses come in multiple shapes, and not all shapes will suit what you want to create. You should also consider color and the color of choice if you want a single-color work or multi-colors.

Note that the sea glass’s original shapes will not be altered but used as obtained because all the sea glass we use in our sea glass pendants, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets we see around are exactly as found on the beach.

4. Set According to Categories

Keep your sea glasses according to their categories, which determines how to be worked on. Some types are listed below.

We have small sea glass for earrings of various sizes and shapes. Such sea glasses are sorted into similar shapes, like the teardrop, oval, triangular, round, elongated, and others, so they can perfectly match up the earring pairs.

We have sea glass that can be drilled into a designed form. We have sea glass that will be gently and properly wrapped in sterling silver wire because it is too thick to drill.

How to Make Sea Glass Jewelry
How to Make Sea Glass Jewelry

5. Designing Sea Glass Jewelry / Determination of Color Mixture/Choice

Once you are done with your sorting out of the choice of sea glass, carefully look at the different colors of the sorted sea glasses to get the one that inspires you most to use; with that, you will also have an inspiration of what to design more transparent in your mind, and with the right piece, you are good to go.

Knowing the right colors to blend with makes your creativity highly adorable. You are required to take your time and make choices or colors to mix so you can have a perfect finish.

Having the above setups in mind, let’s assume you want to design an EARNING; below are simple steps to follow.

Step 1: Get the sea glass shape and color you want to use. It should be of two pieces because it’s an earning.

Step 2: Get your gum or super-glue, open and pour it out into the working plate or small container.

Step 3: Mix it properly; get your sea glass and the little steel rod you want to attach the glass for earning to, pour little quality glue, and join them together.

Step 4: Wait for it to cool, and your sea glass earning is ready.

The same procedure can be done to any jewelry you want to craft, just have the materials, and you are good.

For more understanding, you can watch the YouTube video below and get a clearer understanding of what we are explaining above.


YOUTUBE VIDEO:  CLICK HERE (How To Make Sea Glass Jewelry)  

How to Make Sea Glass Jewelry
How to Make Sea Glass Jewelry

How to Care for a Sea Glass Jewelry

1. Store Properly: After usage, remove your sea glass jewelry and store it in your jewelry box, which should be cool/dry and also kept away from the reach of children to avoid spoilage or breaking.

2. Avoid Exposure to Sun: Limit exposure to the sun, harsh chemicals, and the environment, as it can have an effect on the appearance of your sea glass jewelry in the future and limit its lifespan.

3. Avoid Excess Usage: When not going for special events, you can remove and keep it because too much usage of jewelry limits its lifespan and makes them fade quicker than expected.

4. Proper Maintenance: Cleaning your sea glass jewelry properly with the right equipment will help keep it in good shape and increase its attractive look.

Can I Purchase Sea Glass Jewelry?

Yes, sea glass jewelry of various choices can be gotten or purchased at some jewelry stores at affordable rates.

Can I Wear Sea Glass Jewelry to Events?

Yes, well-crafted sea glass jewelry can be rocked with a nearby outfit for any outdoor activity.

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