Lawyers fume as Portable performs at NBA conference, claims pole

The controversial singer Portable made headlines once more on Thursday for his most recent antics at the NBA conference.



The rapidly growing artist gave a performance at the NBA’s annual general meeting, which is now taking place at MKO Abiola Stadium in Abuja.

Unsurprisingly, Portable, who was performing shirtless, scaled one of the enormous poles set up at the conference site.

The musician was shown climbing the pole in the viral videos while lawyers watched in horror and yelled in terror, but he paid no attention to their cries.

Some lawyers, who were left disappointed with his performance were seen walking out of the conference.

Many expressed displeasing at the choice of Portable as a special guest artiste at a highly respectable event.

Lawyers, who had waited hours for the program to start were left stunned when Portable was unveiled as the artiste of the night, which many deemed the biggest NBA-AGC closing party ever.

Those who were disgusted by his presence left the event murmuring.


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