Tekken 8 Leaked Roster – Yes, It’s Out!

Tekken 8 has been building a very significant amount of hype ever since it was said to be  release next year by 2024.



Below are the Tekken 8 Leaked RosterRaven (Officially Announced)

Zafina (Not Yet Officially Announced)

Paul (Officially Announced)

Azucena (New Character)

Jin Kazama (Officially Announced)

Jun Kazama (Officially Announced)

Victor (New Character, Not Yet Announced Officially)

Marshall Law (Officially Announced)

Claudio Serafino (Officially Announced)

Leo Kliesen (Not Yet Officially Announced)

Jack-8 (Officially Announced)

Bryan Fury (Officially Announced)

Asuka Kazama (Officially Announced)

Ling Xiaoyu (Officially Announced)

Lee Chaolan (Not Yet Officially Announced)

Reina (New Character, Not Yet Announced Officially)

King (Officially Announced)

Emilie “Lili” De Rochefort (Officially Announced)

Dragunov (Not Yet Announced Officially)

Yoshimitsu (Not Yet Announced Officially)

Kuma (Not Yet Announced Officially)

Shaheen (Not Yet Announced Officially)

Leroy Smith (Officially Announced)

Steve (Not Yet Announced Officially)

Lars Alexandersson (Officially Announced)

Devil Jin (Officially Announced)

Alisa Bosconovitch (Not Yet Officially Announced)

Nina (Officially Announced)

Hwoarang (Officially Announced)

Feng (Not Yet Officially Announced)

Panda (Not Yet Officially Announced)

Reina, an unannounced new character, is rumored to be the secret daughter of Heihachi. Perhaps, with her addition to the game, she would be the replacement for the famous, dead character who has been a pivotal character in the game. With the Tekken 8 leaked roster, we are more than happy to see how things will turn out for this new character and how she will be influential to the game as well.




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