Vmware leaked email employees’ potential fates as the Broadcom acquisition closes

According to the latest news of Insider, VMware has decided on employee fates. The VMware leaked email shows every part the employees have right now.



VMware employees have found themselves at the middle of attention due to the leaked internal email that shows the potential outcomes they might face once Broadcom’s massive $61 billion acquisition of the cloud computing and virtualization giant reaches its anticipated conclusion. This revelation, shedding light on the fate of thousands of VMware workers, is paramount in the tech world, leaving employees and industry experts on the edge of their seats.

VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram and Chief People Officer Betsy Sutter left nothing untouched in ensuring their workforce is informed about the impending acquisition. They had a meeting with senior directors, during which crucial updates about the acquisition, slated to close its doors on October 30th, were shared. Insider, a reliable source of insider information, got a sneak peek at an email dispatched to senior managers outlining the details.


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