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Hathaway Brown School 9th Grade Supply List

The Hathaway Brown School is dedicated to combining academic and hands-on learning. This co-ed Early Childhood and all-girls K–12 independent day school places a strong emphasis on educational innovation and equips students to live up to the school’s learning-for-life philosophy.

A stunning 16-acre campus in Shaker Heights, Ohio, with an aquatics center, IDEA Lab, visual and performing arts facilities, a turf playing field, Upper School learning commons, and a working television studio, attracts families from almost 70 communities around Northeast Ohio. Many of the top colleges in the world are attended by HB graduates thanks to the extensive academic, service, and cultural possibilities.

Hathaway Brown is a founding member of the World Education Alliance and a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools, the Ohio Association of Independent Schools, the Cleveland Council of Independent Schools, and the Global Education Benchmark Group.

Supply List for Hathaway Brown School 9th Grade

Because they actively participate in the learning process with teachers who give them the freedom to create their own ideas and communicate them passionately and convincingly, upper school girls are uniquely equipped for the world outside the HB halls.

They are engrossed in distinctive programming that reinvents the conventional academic architecture at the same time. Girls from HB are free to investigate a variety of opportunities in a motivating and encouraging environment.

Outside of the classroom, upper school females are active on stages, playing fields, in debate tournaments, working in graduate-level research labs, and volunteering at women’s shelters.

Each student has a faculty mentor who works with her during her four years in Upper School to assist her navigate the numerous options, both academic and co-curricular.


The type of experiential learning opportunities that HB girls have through the Fellowships in Applied Studies, where they are encouraged and given the power to create their own learning, are not available at any other high school in the United States.

The Fellowships and the real-world exposure they offer, together with the transformative experiential learning opportunities they provide in a range of subjects, distinguish HB students in the college admissions process.


The distinctive preparatory method used at Hathaway Brown enables girls to explore all areas of study, and the exceptional enrichment programs guarantee a unique educational experience.

Faculty use a range of teaching techniques to develop critical thinking skills and take into account various learning preferences in their diversified course offerings. Additionally, students can advance in AP and Honors subjects at a pace that is consistent with their skills.

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