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All You Need To Know About Pivotal Education

Pivotal is a team of educational consultants with expertise in motivation, behavior, and learning management. Adult educators receive training on how to control pupils’ behavior and improve outcomes. Pivotal has been driving significant improvements in universities and schools since 2001.

The method used by Pivotal is unique, dependable, and has been shown to be effective with even the most challenging kids. Practical, immediate, and helpful techniques are provided by pivotal training through instruction that is both intellectual and extremely entertaining. Hearts, brains, and skills are all part of this. You can learn about pivotal programs through internal training and classes, online resources, books, or coaching.

What were the challenges faced by the business before MATRIX was introduced?

We didn’t know of any online platform for courses and wanted to create one. We train teachers in how to manage their behavior in schools. Although we are based in the UK, we want our training to be accessible to all. Online courses were created to help teachers and schools who can’t afford to have one of our trainers present on-site.

We required a platform that could respond to our questions and requirements. This service has been offered by MATRIX without any issues. We should offer self-paced courses. Additionally, we desired total control over the format and kinds of assignments we could provide students. We wanted it to be simple to integrate audio, video, and text. We also desired our own branding.

How can you find a solution?

After defining our requirements, we researched various platforms and compared them. We ultimately chose MATRIX.

What changes have you noticed since using MATRIX?

It’s intuitive, straightforward, and easy to use. Video integration is also a big plus. The ability to track their progress and take part in classes. Another thing that has proved to be extremely useful is We charge people for six months, then we deactivate them. They also receive a notice from our platform. People often call us to ask for help. It is easy because all of their information, including courses and other details, is available to them. They can still access the assignments they have submitted so that if they request to be reactivated, nothing is lost.

More About Pivotal Education

Pivotal Learning was founded in March 2013 to provide trainers, facilitators, and educators with the “PIVOTAL” abilities necessary to actualize the LEARNER VERY FIRST vision of a learner-centered learning environment.

When learning environments are learner-centered, the focus is shifted from learning content to meeting the needs of the learners. 

The emphasis is changed from a teacher or trainer to a facilitator as a result. 

The design of the curriculum and the delivery of the content will be significantly impacted by this change in focus and responsibility.


Since 2010, Pivotal Learning has been helping educators improve their facilitation skills. Because:

  • There is no shortage of content. Educators need to move from teaching to helping students understand.
  • Our learners are better equipped to understand and improve their analytical and critical thinking abilities.
  • Today’s learners are more vocal than ever and prefer to converse with others rather than learn from a lecture.
  • Our learners’ cognitive and emotional growth is greatly influenced by educators.
  • It is now more important than ever to keep our learners engaged in lessons.
  • Experiential Learning is a way to enhance Learning Experiences.

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