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Texas A&M Graduation Cookies

Texas A&M strives to set an example for others. By fusing knowledge, research, and innovation to produce solutions that few institutions have the depth and breadth to achieve, our goal is to establish the benchmark as the world-class university of the future.

In its quest for excellence, Texas A&M University is committed to accountability. In terms of both the quality of the educational experience and the university’s use of resources, the university expects to be held to the highest standards. This dedication has actually been a part of the institution’s DNA since its inception and is a crucial part of its mission statement (as approved by the Board of Regents and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board), aspirations found in Vision 2020 (approved by the Board of Regents in 1999), and current strategic plan, Action 2015: Education First (approved by the Chancellor in December 2010).

Texas A&M Graduation Cookies

Are you about to graduate?
Pay close attention to emails sent to your TAMU email address and degree candidate information posted on the graduation website. The following checklist should be carefully read by students. Please click the below accordion links to view more information about each item on the checklist.

1 Generating a degree Evaluation

On the My Record tab in Howdy, click the View Degree Evaluation link under the “Degree Evaluation” channel. Before applying, create a degree evaluation and make sure you meet all the prerequisites for graduation. You should schedule a meeting with your academic advisor if you have any queries concerning your degree evaluation or the remaining requirements.

2 Application For Graduation

When you are sure you have met all of the requirements for your degree and graduation, submit your online graduation application by the deadline listed in the academic calendar for the semester you intend to finish your degree requirements. On the My Record page in Howdy, click the “Degree Evaluation” channel to get the link for the Application for Graduation.

The online application system will be open every day from midnight to 11:59 p.m., twenty-four hours a day. on the 60th day of class. After that, students must submit a graduation application to the registrar’s office.

Important details you should check on the graduation application include:

Is the information on your degree and course of study accurate on the graduation application?

Before submitting your application, make sure all of the details, including minors, double majors, and double degrees, are accurate.

Is your name on the diploma application accurate?

Verify that your legal name is correct. The name that will be on your diploma is this one.

Did you choose the correct mailing address for your diploma?

Please be sure the address you choose for your diploma will still be in effect when you graduate. Two to three weeks after your degree is granted, your diploma will be mailed. After applying, if you need to alter this address, send an email with your modifications to This address may not be changed after 5 p.m. the morning of the initial ceremony.

Are you going to the ceremony?

This step is crucial to guarantee that the graduation ceremony last roughly the same amount of time.

Make careful to comply with all the standards listed by the Graduate and Professional School, Graduate and Professional School students. should be contacted if you have any inquiries about degree clearance.

Students pursuing professional degrees (MD, DDS, JD, Pharm.D.) should be sure to adhere to all deadlines specified for your chosen program. If you have any questions, speak with your department’s representative.

3 Degree Requirement Verification For Final Semester:

If you are enrolled in courses at a school other than Texas A&M University, Texas A&M University at Galveston, or Texas A&M University in Qatar when you submit your application for a degree, you must turn in any transfer coursework that is still in progress to the degree audit staff in the registrar’s office.

According to Student Rule 14.2, all degree prerequisite verifications must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the deadline specified in the Application Deadlines section of the Applying for Your Degree webpage in order to continue to be a degree candidate for the semester.

For further information on the requirements and technicalities around evidence of enrollment, see the Degree Requirement Verification webpage.

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