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what should you do to reduce your vehicle catching fire

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On this blog post, you will be provided with what you should do to reduce your vehicle from catching fire. And you can as well leave comment below of how helpful you find this post.

Car on fire

Is your car on fire? If yes then this blog post is for you. There are many ways which can cause your care to be on fire and this can cause the loose of life if care is not taken.

How to stop a car from burning

Your car’s chances of setting itself ablaze will be reduced if you keep your MOT and service records current. Regular car maintenance could have prevented most of the fires that we see.

A few pre-journey checks can help reduce the risk of a car accident. A reputable garage or vehicle manual can help you identify the small things to check, such as oil, coolant and tyre pressure. These are warning signs that could indicate a problem.

What should you do if your engine catch fire?

If your car engine is on fire, you will be tempted to put it off by yourself which is one of the first aid you can give it only if you have your fire instigiser available with you.

In the absence of fire instiguhser, you are advice to call the emergency number for fire fighters because this might cause explostion.

What should you do if your engine catchs fire?

Firstly for for emergency, then you can make use of the fire instugsher and in the absence of this, sand is one of the best option for you if it’s available.

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